B.E.S Split Shift Trailer
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3500kg rated trailer built to any size required

Hot dipped galvanised trailer chassis

The most common sizes plus draw bar are 6mtr, 7.2mtr, 8mtr, 9mtr  and 10mtrs and widths can be from 2.4mtr up to 3.1mtrs with the removable decks ( not limited to these sizes but are most common)

Easy jacking system to remove your new house off your new trailer 

Now you have a full trailer to pick up your building material or anything else you need.

The trailer chassis works well now for that scaffold platform to help build your tiny house 

The trailer turns into a full deck next to your new house when you have finished towing to site giving double your foot print in space and amazing living space if you run an open plan living tiny house.

You can turn your house 180 degrees if you have issues with weight distribution for better towing (you will need to ask for this to make sure it is possible with your build)

Have the option on going 2.55mtrs wide or 3.1mtrs wide with the deck legally and safely

Add an extra deck to your trailer purchase and build multiple houses with the one trailer saving 10s of thousands on your builds 




BES as a company are committed to providing our customers a new innervated and high quality tiny house trailer to preform beyond expectations and out last the countless years to come. Over years we designed our removable deck tiny house trailer with the customer in mind by making life easy for the future use of your trailer and making maintenance now possible and easy to look after your long time investment. The first warrant of fitness on trailers will last for 3 years and then after that up to 6 years you can get the warrant of fitness every 12months. After 6 years it changes to every 6months. So later in the future you will need to be getting a warrant of fitness every 6months to keep the trailer current and road legal. With the Split Shift design it makes it very easy to leave the house on site and to now take the trailer down to get the warrant of fitness quick and easy or to do those maintenance jobs to the trailer free of the house. 


 Another great advantage on purchasing a BES Split Shift trailer is you can now roll the trailer up next to the removed deck and use it as a level work platform to help build your new tiny house by using the jacks provided with the trailer if they have being ordered. when you are finished you can set it up in front of your brand new tiny house as a deck and entertainment area the same foot print as your house adding so much usable space, value and versatility to your build even so that if you now need to grab that building material for the build you have a trailer that can do this no problems.



Other Great options and use of this trailer :

*STAGES: Stage setup with this removable deck trailer you can now bring your load on your stage by removing the deck and moving the trailer up next to the other deck and jack it to a height needed giving you an amazing stage size  at no extra cost with easy and quick setup and disassemble. you would save thousands on stages costs and setup time. Custom to suit your requirements. ENQUIRE TODAY


*CABIN TRAILERS: With this style of trailer you can now use the deck of the trailer and build your cabins on an delivering is very easy and set it up as you please with the removable deck option. Once you have sold a cabin you now just purchase another BES deck made for the trailer and start again. easy and safe transport. ENQUIRE TODAY


 *FOOD STAND TRAILER: How amazing would it be if you could drop your food stand off on site set it up at any height required even ground level if possible to be more interactive with your customers well now you can and when finished jack it up roll the trailer underneath lock it back on the trailer and away you go!   ENQUIRE TODAY 



 If you are not going on the road we can build this in a way to save cost and work well for you and your budget.







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