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Welcome to BES Bay Engineering Solutions, the home of the Split Shift Trailer.

For years we have designed and perfected our Split shift trailer design to what we have achieved today and as we have been able to fabricate our new innovative trailer design for New Zealanders, the rest of the world however has never had the opportunity to benefit from this trailer design but today we are excited to say this is now changing.

As we cannot build our trailer and supply to the world due to the size of them, we are proud to announce, we have full step by step 3D plans of our Split Shift trailer for the DIY builders to work from all over the world, so they will be able to have our trailer design built correctly the first time round in their own country to their countries Legal requirements.
This design has been tried and tested for many years now by many well known tiny home builders for E.g. Shaye's Tiny homes, Cocoon Tiny homes and Build Tiny just to name a few along with also Bryce Langston, a popular and well known YouTuber that we have a video available to view with and the link to this amazing video is provided here https://youtu.be/9jos_IFhf7E (I hope you enjoy the video)
We have just gone live with a few of the plans which are now available by using the link here provided https://www.splitshiftplans.com/ .
If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to ask as we are happy to help where we can.
What comes with the plans you may ask,

So the plans are made up of approximately 28 pages consisting of:

  • A full set of trailer plans with 2D and 3D pictures with a colour coded step by step building guide to fabricate from.
  • Full cutting list for trailer chassis with material sizes used. ( The trailer chassis is always built 2.4mtrs wide and only the deck width would change to suit your required width )
  • Drawings for small fabricated components for e.g. axles, light tower, coupling plate etc.
  • Recommended parts page for main running gear including specs and pictures for reference.
  • 2 x full 2D and 3D drawings of the decks at 2.4mtrs wide and 2.9mtrs wide both options fit the 2.4mtr trailer chassis and comes with each plan so you can build any width deck for your trailer chassis that you require.
  • Full cutting lists and materials sizes for both size decks.
  • Key building guidelines with trade secrets to help build the trailer chassis and deck straight and correct.

As you can see from the list above there will be a lot of content packed into each plan set giving you great value for you money and actual plans you can use and acheive your end goal successfully from. If for any reason there are stages you find to be unclear when in the fabrication process or you have any questions or concerns, we are always happy to help to put you back on track with your project, we are only an email away. 

Thanks very much and we wish you all the best with your builds.


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